Honk honk, flap flap, cheep cheep...

Links & Stuff


  • NunSpotting - A site I ran from yesteryear which I sometimes look back on with a sense of nostalgia. Travel was so much easier back in the days before COVID.

All Things Birb-Related

  • Chicken's Instagram Page - Follow if you like a pictorial account of what she gets up to. I tend to post about once a week.
  • Bogie The Galah - The metric by which all other Galah Instagram accounts are judged. Emily, his own is great, as is Bodie. Worth watching just for the free-flying and dance-routines.
  • Northern-Parrots Galah Fact-Sheet - A pretty good summary of care information if you're thinking of adopting a galah.
  • The Australian Galah - Just about everything you'd ever want to know about Galahs.
  • Aviator Harness Training - A really good site from a guy who's got his birds trained to wear a harness. Essential reading/viewing if you're intending to take your bird outside (and you should).


  • RealMac Software - The tool I used to put this site together. Works pretty well whether you're a noob or experienced coder and has lots of useful plug-ins.
  • Brandon Lee Themes - The theme that was the starting template behind this site design.