Honk honk, flap flap, cheep cheep...


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If you've ever wanted to find out about Galahs (also known by their owners as "pink chickens"), then you've come to the right place!

Chicken, my galah. As I write this, she's just over three years old - but there's a good chance she'll live past forty and outlive me. She talks. She's been trained to do tricks like any other pet. She sleeps in a cage, but spends most of her time out of it and goes outdoors on a harness. Cockatoos are emotional animals, acting like toddlers that'll never grow up - and they have an intelligence to match.

All parrots need love, engagement, a varied diet and a lifetime of commitment.

On this site you'll find a whole pile of information and pictures about what it's like to own a galah - and if you get bored, you can always look at my ramblings in my "Floof" section!